Applied Biostatistics (E04N0A)

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General Information

- Linking Biomedical research questions to the appropriate statistical data analysis tools. - Understanding the limitations and advantages of each tool. - Correct interpretation and raportation of data analyses, statistically and considering the research question. - Understanding statistical methodes and output in biomedical literature.


Type : partial/permanent evaluation with exam during the exam period Evaluation form : written, take-home questions : multiple choice, open questions study material : Formularium, calculator

4/20 on the take-home, 16/20 on the written exam


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  exam questions from earlier years

Exam questions

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Exam questions of '12 - '13

(This wasn't from Professor Vercauteren)

1. Explain p-value

2. Explain negative Beta

3. Explain positive interaction term

4. Survival Analysis: explain the difference between Log-Rank and Wilcoxon test (and the results)

Exam questions of '13 - '14

1. 12 theory questions (+0,5 if correct, -0,25 if incorrect). Answer true or false.

  1. definition of p-value
  2. other term for cross-sectional is cohort study
  3. other term for retrospective study is prevalence study
  4. R^2 raises when adding variables. Only add those that decrease Res MS.

2. 10 little exercises (0,5 point each), you only had to give the end result

  1. calculate regression line
  2. calculate R^2
  3. calculate Pearson correlation
  4. calculate 95% CI
  5. calculate t and p-value (from R-script)
  6. calculate z and p-value
  7. calculate specificity

3. 1 exercise, you have to give the complete steps (5 points)

a. What test to compare 4 groups, perform the test and report a p-value.

b. linear contrast on those 4 groups (have to determine the c's yourself)

c. Same, but perform a Scheffé correction for multiple testing