Management in the healthcare sector (E02NOA)

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Technical innovations (such as DNA-technology, antibiotics, vaccines; automobiles and airplanes; telephone and television; or chips, computers, and networks) transformed our lives, yet none of them could have taken hold so rapidly or spread so widely without another innovation: the discipline of management. When we evaluate the productivity gains that drive our prosperity, most of the time technology gets all the credit. In fact, management is at least as important.

The aim of this course therefore is to confront students for the first time with the discipline of management, the accumulating body of thought and practice that makes organiza­tions work. For most students, the practice of management will be an important part of their careers, as only very few students will build a purely technical or scientific career in academia or industry.

The goal of this course therefore is to present a coherent view of general management. It aims to offer a jargon free intro­duction to important management ideas and practices. For that purpose, it will be partly based on case studies, as these come closest to capturing the multidimensional nature of management. Special attention – in the theory as well as in the choice of cases - will be given to not-for-profit organizations, as much of healthcare in Western Europe is delivered through not-for-profit organizations such as hospitals.


written exam, closed book


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1 What is the tragedy of the commons + examples?

2 Describe the two extremes in the competitive spectrum?

3 What is meant by the 'invisible hand'?

4 How can the government intervene in a monopoly?

5 What are Porter’s 5 P’s? What paradigm shift do they imply versus earlier concepts?

Nog 2 case studies op te lossen.

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