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WikiMedica - General information

What is WikiMedica?

WikiMedica is the website where exam questions from previous years and useful files for Biomedical sciences and Medicine are collected. The courses are divided per year and per semester. Every course has its own page which is subdivided into an introduction section, a section with more information about the exam, a section for useful files and a section for exam questions from previous years. Every course also has a discussion page (like a forum), to access this click ‘Overleg’.

How do I download files?

Click here if it's unclear.

How can I make a contribution?

Do I need to have an account?

At the moment you don't need an account to publish exam questions. You do, however, need an account to be able to upload files. If this system is abused (even though the posts are monitored and can always be reverted to the previous version), it will be changed to an account-only accessibility.

How do I add more exam questions?

  1. Click on "here" in the sentence "Click here to add exam questions."
  2. You will end up on a page where you can type in your exam assignments. If you want to make it even more 'beautiful', you can use this page to learn how. Or, you could also copy your predecessor’s format.
    • Do not remove exam assignments, and prevent posting something more than once.
    • If you would like to preview your post before its publication, you could use "Bewerking ter controle bekijken".
  3. Then click on "Pagina opslaan" to save your modifications.
  4. Then you get a spam filter! You should solve it (by typing in the words) before your modifications will be posted.

There you are! You have just made your fellow students happier!

I added an exam question/file, and the whole page disappeared!

Don’t panic – the page isn’t gone. You updated a section of the page, and that’s why you can no longer see the rest of the page. Click on your year and the course, and everything will be back to normal!

Other questions

I have a question about one of the exam assignments or about the subject material – what now?

Above each page, a little tab “Overleg” is present (if cannot find it: press CTRL+F, and type in "Overleg"). There you can post all questions! The solutions of the exam assignments should not be posted together with the exam assignments!

I have more questions.

If you have more questions, you may always send a message to