Ethics and Law in Biomedical Research (E07U9A)

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  • Ethical models for an ethics of biomedical reserach
  • Moral reflection on disease and health
  • Ethics and reproductive cloning
  • Ethical aspects of gene therapy
  • Biobanks and minors: an ethical analysis
  • Integrity in biomedical research
  • The Belgian and European regulation of medical research with human subjects
  • The Belgian regulation of scientific reserarch with embryos
  • The Belgian regulation of primary and secundary use of human tissue for scientific research

Exam form

Oral with written preparation, closed book, final examination during examination period. The exam is oral with written preparation (so-called 'closed book'). It will be verified whether the ethical and legal aspects of biomedical research have been understood and acquired. One major question will be asked for each part while in addition a well-argued reaction on a statement will be expected. Each part corresponds to half the points.


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Exam questions

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Exam questions of '12 - '13

Ethics: What are the responsibilities and challenges of a biomedical researches with regards to returning individual results? Extra questions: What is your personal opinion here?

Law: Compare the EU and CoE with regards to clinical trials in minors and incapacitated persons. Extra questions: What other differences are there between the EU and CoE? What differences are there between the Directive and Regulation with regards to clinical trials?

Exam questions of '13 - '14